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I am an osteopathic physician with physicial medicine and rehabilitation background and pain fellowship training and see patients with myofascial pain syndrome every single day. I am often trying to find simple, cost effective, and efficient tools to empower my patients to help develop better self care management skills and learn how to heal themselves rather than rely on pain medications. This massage roller stick is a wonderful addition to the armamentum for anyone ranging from the elite athlete to the weekend warrior to the chronic pain patient. Compared to other rollers, it is both lightweight yet solid and provides great leverage and control when working on restricted tissues. It is quite portable and feels like it will last a very long time. I also like the fact that it is made in the USA. I highly recommend this as my roller stick of choice to my patients looking for an inexpensive and effective tool to help maintain and improve the health of their body. Dr. Lanny, Osteopathic Physician

As a medical doctor who specializes in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, I’m always looking low-cost practical solutions for my patients. This foam roller stick is a great DIY massage tool, perfect for iliotibial band syndrome, adductor strain, and shinsplints. I also use it to treat low back pain–from a standing position, you can use it to bend backwards at the exact disc level that needs treatment. The foam padding is just thick enough and the diameter just narrow enough so you can get to practically any muscle or tendon in body. Dr. Hsu, Doctor of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

As a massage therapist for 13 years, I’ve used and recommended many products of this nature. There are specific elements that make this a good find: Well Constructed: It’s a solid product; it feels sturdy, gripping the handles is easy and does not create fatigue while using the tool. The tool has good balance and the weight is well proportioned. While I struggled to use this on my upper back, biceps, triceps and deltoids, it worked well everywhere else. This is a great tool for point work because the body does not flex. Compact Design: A moderately flexible person can reach areas that are generally of great concern for most of us. It did not feel cumbersome during use and there were no concerns about getting my body in the right position as there are with foam rollers; however, with such a small diameter a foam roller may be more comfortable to use on the upper back region. Padded Roller: I appreciated the padded roller when working areas around the ankle, knee, elbow and wrist. At times the hard plastic of other tools can cause pain; the foam made it much easier to work around the bony protrusions without the feeling of hard plastic directly on the bone. I also found this feature useful around the hip. If certain areas need a firmer contact, the handles work well for rolling on the forearms and soles of the feet Phil O., Massage Therapist

How Will TUFF STX Muscle Roller Improve My Health & Performance?


Prevent Injuries

Warm-up muscles before activities. Nourish muscles with fresh blood and oxygen. Cool down muscles post workout.

Decrease Pain and Tension

Reduces effect of pro-inflammatory proteins in muscles.

Shorten Recovery Time

Encourage tissue regeneration,get back to your favorite activity sooner, and achieve your personal best!

Increase Flexibility

Improve range of motion by relieving muscle stiffness and increasing flow of nourishing blood to tissues.

Improve Mood

Increases the release of endocannibanoids, the bodies feel good chemicals.

Increase Energy

Increases levels of proteins that signal an increase in production of mitochondria, the energy factories of cells.

Improve Circulation

Mechanically pushes and pulls muscle fibers squeezing blood through congested areas and allowing fresh blood to flow in.

Enhance Immunity

Increases circulation of lymphocytes, white blood cells that defend the body from pathogens.

Sleep Better

Reduces stress hormone levels and decreases pain while increasing feelings of calm and relaxation.

TUFF STX – Built With Performance In Mind

Quality Construction – Made In The USA

  • Heavy duty single steel core extends through the entire length of the roller
  • Won’t bend or break under intense use
  • Dense patented foam roller
  • Industrial grade rubber handle
  • Two year product warranty – We stand by the quality of our product

Unique Features

  • Single freely spinning center won’t pull on hair
  • Rounded handle tips – great for working on trigger points
  • No oils or lubricants that will stain your clothes
  • Portable size – bring to the office, gym or your favorite activity
  • Convenient to use while sitting or standing
  • Hygienic and easy to clean
  • Ideal for those who prefer heavier, more substantial rollers.  At 1 lb, it outweighs most rollers.

Healthier for your muscles

  • Combination of patented foam + steel core provides a healthier solution.
  • Steel core allows application of ample pressure while soft foam protects your muscles.  (Hard plastic can hurt or even injure your muscles, which may harm instead of help)

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